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Three Types of Electrical Service Explained by a Reputable Residential Electrical Installation Expert

Whether it is a house, building, or industrial complex, electrical power is needed to power up the facilities in those properties and keep the tenants comfortable. As a property manager or owner, you have to remember that energy needs may differ depending on the fixtures, load demands and nature of the structure. Thus, they can face various problems. If you want to hire a versatile one, you better partner with a commercial and residential electrical installation contractor who can fix a variety of issues. Read on to know the differences of each service:

Residential Service

This is the type of electrical service for houses, apartments, and other residential buildings. You may find residential contractors in your neighborhood. Some contractors are also available 24/7, especially during emergencies. The common service is wiring via the panel box and electrical panel repair. Home appliances are also repaired and/or installed. Other services can include inspections, load analysis, lighting, and whatnot.

Commercial Service

This service covers office buildings, schools, malls, and other public areas. The load and energy needs of the said places are much higher than residential ones. Commercial service contractors have to ensure that the said places have power. These services include data cabling, low voltage lighting, periodic maintenance, etc.

Industrial Service

This service is like the commercial ones but on a larger scale. Industrial electrical services are for warehouses, factories and more. This service caters to mining companies, chemical industries, and other large businesses. Contractors hired for this service have great responsibilities. They will have to handle from the smallest electronic item to large equipment and perform various checks to ensure safety. They do regular examinations, troubleshooting, electrical system repair and so much more.

Now that you know what to expect from each commercial and residential electrical installation and repair service provider, there are contractors that can handle one, two, or all three services. When looking for one, make sure to know that they have the license and training to perform the said services.

Are you looking for a professional electrical service? If you are, contact Vision Electric Inc at (754) 223-3846. Based on Lauderhill, FL, they can perform electrical repairs, electrical installation, and other services.

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